The Circle of Abundance

The Circle of Abundance You have to have Transformational Intentionality for yourself. Download Image You have to be committed to your Abundance and Wellbeing in all areas. You have to honour and take responsibility for where you are right now. It’s only when you do this, that you can take the action required. If you […]

Who is Lakshmi?

Who is Lakshmi? Lakshmi is the goddess of creation, wealth, luck, and all good things. One interpretation of her I particularly like is that she’s the source of “endless abundance”. (How lovely does that sound?) In fact, her very name, Sri Lakshmi, literally translates to “flow of wealth” and “hitting the target” or “accomplishing your […]

Decision Fatigue

Making good decisions at the right time, with aligned energy is key to succeeding in business I came across a term when I was reading about business, what else? That really got me excited just because it’s a validation for me of the way I used to behave when I was growing my practice. And […]

Guru or Mentor?

I was chatting to somebody who wanted to feature me on their podcast. They wanted to do a little introduction about me for their audience. They introduced me as a wealth guru. And it kind of made me want to step back a little bit rather than stepping forward. I was intrigued by this response […]

The Top 3 Money Mistakes I see people make (and how to fix them)

Sometimes I feel a bit like the equivalent of a money doctor. People come to me embarrassed about their “conditions”, even ashamed to talk about what’s going on. A lot of times they think they’re the only one making the mistakes they’re making, or that I’ll somehow judge them for what they’ve done with their […]