Sarah Clemenson

Marketing AGENCY director

Heena instantly sees things about my business that I simply can't.

“Heena has had a profound impact on our business. Within one year, we doubled our net profit. 

Heena helped me to radically transform my mindset and approach to finance. Everything then simply eased: cashflow, tax bills, personal satisfaction. Her advice has been invaluable.”

“Things that felt impossible don’t feel impossible anymore. I feel very championed by Heena.

Mel Langer, craniosacral therapist

Inderjeet Singhota

OPTOMETRIST, Multiple Optical Practice Owner

Heena's advice has helped me enormously.

I had no business training or knowledge when I started. Lease renewals, balance sheets and marketing were completely alien concepts to me.

Her experience, advice and enthusiasm has helped me enormously. I trust her completely and can’t recommend her highly enough.”

“Life changing. I’ve gone from fear to excitement. 

Heena helped me create the foundation for a whole new way of life.”

Abi Sea, copywriter

Dr Tara Francis


I love Heena's holistic approach, it's not just about business. She looks at you as a whole.

“I thought I was doing great. Money was coming in but I didn’t know my figures at all. Then an unexpected tax bill threw me completely off guard.

Heena guided and helped me with my business figures. I couldn’t have done that alone and keep my business afloat.

Now I know how to assess and plan my next steps. Heena showed me how to give my business the right attention to grow successfully.


“My business is now thriving and I’m not stressed around financial decisions anymore.”

Elaine Wilkins, founder and CEO The Chrysalis Effect 

Dr Nerina Ramlakhan

Physiologist, AUTHOR and Sleep expert

Heena is very skilled at holding space for you.

“I worked with Heena for over a year and she really got me and my business into good shape. 

We delved deep into some uncomfortable areas – after all your relationship with wealth is deeply personal. 

Heena is incredibly knowledgeable and practical. She gave me the confidence to work on areas I’d been avoiding.”


Lynda Holt

honorary professor of SOCIAL LEADERship

Both new and experienced business leaders can benefit from Heena's help.

“Heena has walked the walk. She offers a great blend between practicality and intuition to help you become the leader you want to be.

In her own wise and gentle way, she will hold you to account and create the right environment for you to grow.”

“Heena’s balanced approach made a huge difference. I tripled my income the year after I worked with her!”

Rachel Allen, owner Bolt from the Blue Copywriting