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Through personalised coaching and strategic business consultancy, I help people develop and thrive as leaders with dual responsibilities without sacrificing their wellbeing.ย 

Trusted advisor and coach

Welcome. I’m Heena Thaker and I am here to help you.

I am a certified executive, organisational development and life coach.

My role, as a consultant and coach, is to be your expert sounding board. I will empower you with the courage and practical steps to overcome challenges and achieve your goals.

A qualified optometrist who ran her own business, one of my passions is supporting clinicians to become great business leaders.

How I can help you

With decades of business and clinical experience, I am also a consultant, trainer and mentor. I firmly believe in a tailored holistic approach. Personal wellbeing is essential for professional success.

I can support you with business strategy, planning and development. My services include all the essential support, accountability, coaching and training you need to overcome the overwhelm and succeed.

Who I help

My clients range across industries, specialisms and all walks of life. They might be entrepreneurs, employees, senior managers or returning from a career break.

My healthcare business background means I am particularly well placed to support healthcare and allied health leaders and clinician business owners.

Many clients come to me because they are struggling with self doubt and the demands of leadership. Stuck in a cycle of worry and work, they feel trapped and overwhelmed.

What you can expect

Through coaching and consultancy, I guide leaders and organisations on an exploration to create tangible results.

My approach is about blending practical skills with mindset transformation.

Typically a coaching or consulting relationship continues over a nine month period.

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