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Dear Business Owner,

If you are ready to get out of this rut you find yourself stuck in, I’m ready to lend a hand and pull you out.
Say goodbye to the 3 fs:

Failure, Frustration and Fear...

I’m Heena Thaker and I understand everything you’re going through.

You’re an excellent clinician, but you dream of being an exceptional business owner. 
You know there’s a way to build a bridge between the two, but can’t work out how on your own.  

So you feel  stuck in a cycle of knowing you want a successful clinician business, but no idea how to get it. 

You wouldn’t start your practice without formal clinical training would you?
Yet, CBOs leap into entrepreneurship with no training on business strategy, planning or leadership.
You probably feel like you’re banging your head against a wall:

…whilst supporting your family, treating your patients and keeping the plates spinning.

Sound about right?

What I see time and again is Clincian Business Owners who are overwhelmed and exhausted. Self-doubt eats away at confidence, weakens communication and the end result is working longer hours for less than ideal results.

And they think they’re failing. After years of training and thousands of pounds of investment, giving up isn’t an option – so they fall into a rut, and can’t get out.

This doesn't have to be your reality

As a clinician  and multi-business owner myself – I’ve worked with clincians who have found themselves in that frustrating and worrying ‘stuck’ stage.


And still find themselves, unmotivated and overwhelmed.

Which means – still stuck.

It doesn’t matter how stuck you are. What matters is this:


The number one mistake a clinician business owner could make at this stage is assuming that success will click into place with hard work and perseverance.

Without having the right business foundations in place all your hard work will not get you the result. Think about the business books, courses and programmes you’ve used in the past.

I already know they were a one-size fits all ‘solution’ to a possible set of problems and outcomes you want to achieve in business. And, I bet they started you way further along the process than you felt ready for.

Am I right?

The real secret to finding the business success you dream of is to:

When you see it written down, it seems so obvious. Yet, you’re not focussing on these steps – because you don’t know how to do it alone.
And the good news is…


I work with frustrated and stuck-in-a-rut CBOs and show them their unique formula to clear, confident success.

I know how hard this can be because I was in the exact same place.

I’m a high achiever. I have a degree in Physiology and then I went back to study Optometry and Vision Sciences. I have incredibly high standards for myself. I work damn hard, and challenge myself to excel. And I achieved my goals and then some.

When it was time to set up my own business I put the same pressure on myself. With a toddler and another baby on the way I leapt head first, confident that I had everything I needed to build a successful clinician business.

But it didn’t work out like that. I failed. I felt I was an ineffectual leader. I didn’t plan for success, I didn’t even plan out my day! It was overwhelm and fire-fighting from day 1. Stress, self-doubt and anxiety lead to sleep deprivation and feelings of failure. I knew my team were talking about me behind my back. I knew my cashflow and financial planning was on its knees.

I was a million miles away from the clinician business owner I dreamt I would be

Yes, I was stuck. Or as I like to describe it ‘rock bottom’.

So, believe me. I know how you’re feeling. But I also know how to get you out of it. 

When you work with me, I’ll take you through the exact methods I used. 

Only you don’t have to spend years searching for the answers to your business success. 

I’ll show you how it’s done.

If you’re ready to get unstuck, I’m ready to give you the right kind of helping hand out. 

I knew there was a way to be an excellent clinician and an exceptional business owner.
So I created the framework for it to happen.

So whether you’re about to embark on your CBO journey and want to get the foundations in place first, or you’re a long way down the road and ready to correct your path


Let’s work together to move you out of frustration and into flourishing.