I want to help you fall in love with your life and business for good.

My qualifications

In addition to over 25 years of business and clinical knowledge and experience, I am a consultant and qualified coach.

I am the Vice-Chair of the Board of Directors at Healthwatch Bucks. I also work with the award winning development consultancy Health Service 360 as a trainer and consultant.

My story

I moved to England as a young child from India in the 1970s. After gaining my first degree in Physiology, I returned to university to become a qualified optometrist.

Becoming a business owner was a baptism by fire

When it was time to set up my own optometry business I put a lot of pressure on myself. With a toddler and another baby on the way I leapt head first. I felt confident that I had everything needed to build a successful clinician business.

But it didn’t work out like that. I struggled with management, workload, sleep deprivation and stress.

“Every business owner needs a Heena in their corner.

She helped me grow a healthy business with firm financial foundations.”

Marianne Page

Building my businesses

Within three years my business had outgrown its premises. We relocated and expanded, setting up a second practice. Due to huge demand, I was amongst the first optometrists in the UK to open on Sundays.

I won't lie: it was challenging and I felt lonely most of the time.

I made and learned from mistakes. I spent years working with mentors and scouring business books.

I learned business skills on the job whilst juggling clinical responsibilities to my customers. At the same time I was raising my young family, thanks to lots of wonderful support.

Along the way, I created frameworks for my business success and work life balance

What happened next

Other clinicians and business owners began approaching me for advice and training. How did I manage multiple responsibilities, mindset and family obligations? How did I stay sane and look after my wellbeing?

Intention setting played a huge role

Looking back, I realised intention setting had played a vital role in my business success. I had a natural skill connecting practical action to big bold vision.

After I sold my two practices, I began focussing on the next stage of my career: consultant, coach and mentor. 

My business continues to build due to positive word of mouth.

My philosophy

Wealth is not just about money, or your relationship to finances, although this is very important. 

The world “wealth” is derived from the Middle English word “weal” which means wellbeing. 

Wealth is about leading a good life: strong relationships, feeling valued and having purpose.

To build a successful business, you need to:

“A session with Heena is worth its weight in gold. 

She takes no nonsense but delivers her message with gentleness and balance.”

Abi Sea, features writer and co-founder of Adventures in Marketing

Book a free TIP session

I would like to invite you to a Transformative Insight Perspective (TIP) session.

My TIP framework helps you to gain insight which can “tip the balance” in your favour. 

Our session will aim to unlock a path to empowerment and success in your personal and professional life.