Through consultancy and coaching, I guide leaders and organisations on a deep exploration of self and motivation. 

Blending practical skills with mindset transformation is at the heart of my approach. My process is based on insight and perspective in order to achieve tangible results.

Together, we realign your sense of joy and purpose and help you rediscover your passion for life and work.

Typically my clients are in a leadership role with dual responsibilities. They may be running their own business or employed within a company or organisation. Regardless, they frequently feel lonely and overwhelmed with responsibilities.

With a clinical practice background, I am particularly well suited to help clinicians who may be leading teams, departments or are in business themselves.  

I support leaders in dual-roles. Since my background is healthcare I am particularly well placed to help in this area.

However, I work with a range of clients from different industries across both the commercial and public sector. 

For example, you might be a financial advisor running an investment firm, an IT specialist leading a tech start up, or an engineer leading a construction company.

Clients tend to work with me for a six or nine month period.

I provide a bespoke service based on your needs, the scope of the work and what you want to achieve.

 Your investment could range from £1,200 per month or a fixed agreed fee for a specific consultancy or coaching project.

I offer an initial session which is typically 1.5 to 2 hours where you experience my style of working. This is what I call a TIP (Transformative Insight Perspective) session.

In a TIP session I work around insight and perspective to facilitate a transformation either in your personal or professional life. You will finish our session knowing whether you want to work with me going forward.

However, if you decide that it’s not right for you, my goal is that you will take away a TIP to put into practice straightaway.

I am based in Buckinghamshire, England.

I am happy to travel if required and I also offer remote sessions over Microsoft Teams.  

This can vary depending on the scope of the work but anything from one hour to the whole day 

I work with no more than five clients per month in order to provide depth and quality.

There are personal boundaries that we both must respect, which we will mutually agree at the beginning of our partnership.

However, I am always happy to speak with my clients outside of our sessions.

I highly recommend Heena

Heena is a skilled and supportive coach who has boosted my confidence and equipped me for my leadership role. 

She creates a sense of safety in her sessions. Her astute and thoughtful questions helped me to reflect and analyse issues, skills, and abilities through a fresh lens. 

Working with Heena has been a thoroughly enjoyable and rewarding experience, benefitting me both personally and professionally. 

Zoe McIntosh, Chief Executive, Healthwatch Bucks