If you've ever...

Then you’re in the right place.

See, here's the crucial thing about money that nobody realises...

Your relationship with your wealth is a representation of –– and a huge factor in determining –– every other aspect of your life.

Get it wrong, and it’s like driving a car without power steering. You’re fighting against yourself every second of every day.

Get it right, and every single thing in your life is easier, more graceful, and ever-more-sustainable. You have the resources you need to care for yourself, do your greatest work, and serve others in a way that uplifts everyone involved.

In fact, the world ‘wealth’ is derived from the Middle English word ‘weal’, which means ‘wellbeing’. Add a ‘th’ to that to denote a condition, and you’ve got wealth: the condition of wellbeing that includes all the elements of a good life, including money health, relationships, feeling valued, and being of value.

And that’s what we want for you.

It’s our deepest wish for you to have everything you need to live abundantly, and the skills to mindfully steward all the wealth coming your way.

So now the only question is ... are you ready?

“Every business owner needs a Heena in their corner.

I’ve always said I’m not a numbers person, and this mindset has led to me not giving my numbers the attention they need and deserve in my business.

Heena has opened my eyes to the consequences of not being focused on profit first, and helped me to move from growing my expenses, to growing a healthy business built on firm financial foundations. Every business owner needs a Heena in their corner.”


Your Personal Wealth Code™ Masterclass

Contrary to what you might believe, making, managing, and maintaining your money actually isn’t all that hard.

There’s more than enough for all of us (yes, yourself included), you just have to know how to work with it.

Here’s where everybody goes wrong though: they either work on their money mindset OR their money skillset.

But focusing on only one of these things is like trying to live a healthy life by only focusing on what you eat, and never exercising, or vice versa. You have to pay attention to both if you want to experience the full range of vitality, just like you have to work on both your mindset and your skillset when it comes to money.

When you get both of those critical pieces not only working well on their own, but actually complementing each other, there’s nothing you can’t create.

That’s what the Intentional Wealth Creation® Programme is all about.

Designed using a system honed over decades of business experience, wealth management, and financial mentorship, the Intentional Wealth Creation® Programme walks you through the process of developing a healthy relationship with money so you can make as much of it as you want, and then some –– all without striving, stress, or scarcity.

Investment: £398

As a member of Your Personal Wealth Code™ cohort, you’ll learn:

  • The keys to setting an intention for creating wealth that actually works.

  • What your inherent strengths and weaknesses are when it comes to making and managing money, and how to play those natural strengths to align your energy with wealth.

  • The trick to getting your money to work for you, instead of just sitting there. (Hint: it’s not really a trick. It just feels like one, because it’s that easy and effective.)

  • The very strange thing we all do whenever we hit a new threshold with our wealth, and how you can sidestep it.

  • How to separate your business finances from your personal finances, and how to set both up to scale.

  • The exact, step-by-step processes you need to put in place to make managing your wealth easy and graceful.

You’ll walk away having developed both your mindset and your skillset –– and having set up all the systems you need for sustainable financial success.

“Perspective, clarity and simplicity is the breath of fresh air required for that bottom-line breakthrough.

Fortune favours the brave. If you’re ready to make quantum leaps with your money in your business, Heena Thaker is the guide for you.

I was stuck in that comfort zone of maxing out my weekly schedule with one to one clients. Behind closed doors, I was starting to lose steam power. It was time to take stock and make moves to readjust my business model, to increase income and make magical moves to step up for myself and my clients.

I went to Heena with a preconceived idea of how I could leverage my existing model. As an entrepreneur, I was used to creating my own solutions but clearly, I had reached that point where you have to ask for guidance to move beyond your limitations. Heena quickly gets to the heart of the matter. The result was a repositioning and clarification of my own identity as a business leader, a simplifying of my business model (this is where you have to be brave as it often requires letting go of elements that you feel too emotionally attached to!) and from here I was able to focus on profitable income streams.

The bottom-line is that there’s wholehearted love in the way she works and that’s what moves mountains.” 


One-to-One Financial Mentorship

Heena also takes on a small number of clients each year for on for one-to-one mentoring.

Working with Heena individually is a wonderful option if you’re looking for more intensive support, an accountability partner dedicated to your financial success, and a mentor who truly cares about you and your relationship with your money.

Investment: starts at £1200p/m for an initial 3 month period.

Your mentorship includes:

  • A one-day financial foundations intensive with Heena. (Value £2000)

  • Twice monthly mentoring calls or meetings with lessons from the IWC system tailored to meet your specific financial situation. (Value £600 p/m)

  • Heena’s very sharp eyes on every last detail of your finances and her warm, nurturing, and completely non-judgmental heart supporting you every step of the way. (Invaluable!)

  • Email access to Heena for mindset emergencies, skillset questions, and regular financial check-ins. (Value £600 p/m)

  • The full benefit of Heena’s decades of experience as a successful businesswoman and whole-hearted teaching, directed with laser-focus at you and finances. (Invaluable!)

  • Everything you need to cultivate the capacity to create as much wealth as you want. (Value = the biggest financial improvement you can imagine.)

“Heena is very inspiring as a business wealth coach. She helped me to gain clarity on my overall business strategy and the individual steps that I needed to take to get there. Her sessions inspired me to unlock my full potential and keep going. Heena was extremely supportive and provided just what I needed at every point in the journey. Heena is very intuitive and knows exactly which story to share from her experience to help you gain clarity and actions to move you forward. I can highly recommend her approach.”