You trained to become a clinician. You weren’t taught how to be a Business leader.

That's where I come in.

There’s nothing quite like owning your own Practice. Of course, there are challenges, but the rewards – both financial and emotional – are plenty. That’s how you imagined it, anyway.

Unfortunately, the reality doesn’t seem to match your vision. Suddenly you find yourself too far down a path you can’t turn away from. The stress and anxiety stop you from knowing which next step is the right one, and yet you know there has to be more to life as a clinician business owner than this.

The stress and anxiety stop you from knowing which next step is the right one,

Your patients come to you for your expertise and you know how to confidently help them. Where do you turn to for help and guidance in the areas of business where you don’t feel that you have the expertise?

Is there a way to become business confidant in the same way?

The good news is, there absolutely is. And it’s my job to get you there.
I’m Heena Thaker.

I mentor clinician business owners. They’ve been in business for over 3 years and find themselves in a completely different place than they’d ever imagined. Their passion and enthusiasm for entrepreneurship has faded as stress and anxiety takes over.

My clients adore the work they do – they’ve trained long and hard to get here. They put their whole selves into their practice but get pulled back into the weeds by the exhausting day-to-day of business ownership.

As a clinician business owner, what keeps you awake at night?

Discover in 60 seconds what areas you need to focus on to get you sleeping soundly again.
For many, work is no longer about full attention on patients. Of putting good back into the world. Now it’s also about:

For many clinicians – becoming the leader they dreamed of being seems so far away, but it isn’t and it’s a privilege to work with these wonderful people to help them realise their business vision and move forward with ease and grace.

As an Optometrist and multi-business entrepreneur I am so aware of the many challenges clinician owners face. Yes, I’ve bought, set up, grown and elegantly sold my practices but I’ve also trained, coached and mentored high achieving clinicians for over 20 years to realise their professional goals – many turning to business ownership as a result. 

My joy is working with clients to turn overwhelm into abundance; frustration to clarity; money blocks to wealth and stress to success. And at the very heart of it all – helping you fall in love with your business for good.

My Business & Wealth Creation programmes are practical and effective sessions designed to take practitioners to a place of intentional growth. Ineffective leadership is exhausting – be the leader you’ve always dreamed of.

Become as competent in Business as you are as a Clinician.