Talk My Language – Communication & Rapport Skills for the Busy Practitioner

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This CPD Module will help you identify ways to improve your communication skills for the benefit of your patients, your team, and your organisation.

This session has all of the elements you need to develop good, effective communication skills that will help in day-to-day dealings with patients, the team and other key individuals in the organisation.

Effective communication skills are important in all walks of life, but especially important in a clinical practice setting, where we need to be mindful of how we communicate with other healthcare professionals, colleagues and patients because this can impact on patient care and satisfaction. This learning will help you think about how your language, it’s delivery, the tone of communication might affect someone else’s understanding of what you are trying to say and the resultant consequences of that.

CPD Author

Heena Thaker

Heena Thaker is an Optometrist, Business Strategist and Mentor with over 20 years experience running her Optical Practices. She is the Founder of Business Academy for Clinicians. Her mentoring work involves, public speaking at conferences and seminars. She has experience of regularly communicating complex ideas in a variety of different formats to mentees. She has designed and delivered training to clinicians on managing all aspects of business, including staff hiring, retention & development. She has over the years undertaken training to improve and understand her personal style of communication to successfully lead her businesses and used that knowledge to help others.

Caitlin Govender

Caitlin Govender is an Optometrist based in South Africa with a special interest in Digital Art.

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